Heron Cabinets


Feature Article-RAF Anglesey

Client: RAF

Location: RAF Anglesey Search & Rescue headquarters

Use:     Display of Artifacts


The client approached Heron Cabinets with some sketches of what they required to display old artifacts and memorabilia, including some old book records of past squadron pilots, which needed to be displayed in the open position.


After a discussion to ascertain exactly what style were required, and practical issues such as access, storage requirements and lighting, we came up with the initial designs for a run of cabinets. They were to have a simple clean look, while using a wood that is timeless, and needed discreet storage so that display items could be rotated periodically.  A squadron Logo sand blasted into the glass back panel of each bay would show squadron ownership of the artifacts.


The Chosen wood was natural Oak, and storage was suggested in the base with a lockable fold down, soft opening flap to keep the cabinets as clean and free of lines as possible while providing maximum storage access.


For the display area, sliding doors where the preferred option with buffers to act as a dust seal. Custom made matching Oak book-stands allowed the books to be displayed open for easy viewing.


The Cabinets were installed without event and on schedule to the satisfaction of the Squadron Sargent and other RAF personnel.



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